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July 2015

Palm Tree Care

One of the very first things that I loved about California was the palm trees.



Growing up in Ohio, I was so used to the land being flat as far as the eye could see, and harsh winters and all the grass and trees being brown for what felt like the majority of the year. When I started visiting my family in California more, I instantly fell in love with the warm, gorgeous weather, of COURSE the ocean, the mountains and, you guessed it, the palm trees.

When I finally made the decision to move to California, there was one thing I knew I had to have wherever I lived: palm trees. To me, they remind me of “my happy place” and the excitement I felt right after I made the huge decision to move myself across the country. I wanted to be able to look out my window and see palm trees. It might sound corny, but it was my vision!

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