Tree Service in San Clemente: Why Do Quotes Vary?

San ClementeWhen calling around for tree service in San Clemente, quotes can vary. It can be confusing and frustrating. It may cause you to put off a service that you should have done now –that could even cost more later.

Tree trimming and tree removal can be expensive but necessary. There is the safety of your home and your family to consider along with the cost. So, let’s chat about the things that can influence the cost of tree services in San Clemente.

1. Difficult access – If access for tree equipment isn’t good, it can cause a job to take a lot longer! If anything has to be done by hand for a long distance it may require a bigger crew and cost more.

If equipment can be brought up to the trees it saves time and dollars. If access is limited by narrow spaces, landscaping, fences, etc, it can add time to the job as well. However, If the tree service company can pull up next to the tree in a driveway or on the street, it’s going to cost less than trimming a tree that is hanging over a swimming pool or in a hard to get to place in your yard.

Also, is your community gated? Are there only certain days and times when trees and shrubs can be trimmed?

2. Danger – If your tree has been dead for a while (over 2 years), it will probably cost more than a tree that is dying and needs to be removed. It is harder to climb trees that have dead for a while, so more care and expertise is required. Can you imagine climbing dead tree branches with a chainsaw? If the tree has limbs that overhang an area where people frequent, it could be quite dangerous and could be more costly.

When a tree is dead, it is not secure and extremely unpredictable. Some times the only way to remove a dead is by crane. The extra cost involved in using a crane is amazing! Call Tree Service San Clemente as soon as you see a tree dying; it will save you money and be much safer for our tree crews to remove.

Recently dying trees can be removed more easily and use more tradition methods. Hollow trees are dangerous to trim or remove, because the level of rot is hard to determine until cuts are made

Power lines create and increase in cost for obvious reasons.

  • Danger increases the cost because experts always get paid more than newbies.
  • Danger increases the time it takes to do the job.
  • Danger can mean Worker’s Comp claims. This increases the price. Unfortunately, some Southern California tree ‘companies’ make low bids on dangerous jobs without having Worker’s Comp. This makes law abiding companies look overpriced.

3. Proximity to Structures –  The threat your home is the most common reason to call a tree trimming company to trim or remove your trees. It takes extra time and care to remove those branches or trees safely when the are close to your home or a structure on your property.

4. Operational Costs Influence – These costs really are hidden to you. Things like time, fuel, going to the dump and dump fees, equipment wear and tear, extra workers affect pricing.

So, as you can see, there are many considerations that go into giving you a quote for tree service in San Clemente.  Be sure you get a qualified, insured honest tree service company so you don’t end up with more problems than you started with.

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