Why Are Trees So Important?

Aspen Color Change

I love fall – because it means cooler weather, a change in seasons, and the leaves changing color. No matter where you are there are tours to see the fall colors.  Bike rides through Maine, hikes in Aspen Colorado and driving tours throughout the midwest.  It’s no wonder there are so many stories about people saving trees and planting new ones.  It’s because they are so important for shade and beauty and for our existence!

Here are a few benefits to having trees:

Trees cool the streets and the city and us

Temperatures in southern California have risen by about 5°F in the past 50 years. It’s because we have less trees and more roads and buildings. Trees offer shade for our homes and streets.  They release water vapor into the air through their leave and can actually cool your house and neighborhoods by 10 degrees!  This means you will need less air conditioning in the summer – saving money and reducing pollution from our power plants. Plant trees on southern and western sides of your house to block the most sunlight.

Skin cancer on the rise every year.  Trees reduce  exposure by about 50 percent.  We need more trees at schools and playground where our kids spend so much of their time outside!


Trees help stop global warming

Did you know that trees actually absorb carbon dioxide?  All the excess carbon dioxide build up in our atmosphere contributes to climate change. Trees absorb it and release oxygen back into the air!

Trees make the air cleaner

Trees trap all kinds of gasses and pollutants out of the air by trapping them in their leaves and bark.

Trees help our water bills and help keep our water clean

Trees shade our properties which keeps our lawns from needing lots of water. The older our trees get the more moisture they add to our atmosphere. Our trees reduce runoff and reduces the amount of polluted rain water from going into the ocean. If you mulch your trees, they filter the water naturally. Another benefit of slowing the runoff is that it keeps the soil in place.

Trees provide food and income

Trees are beautiful to look at, provide food for us and a home for wildlife  If you have ever had a critter in your home or attic, you understand the importance of a home for them in one of your trees instead.  Even in the city bees, possums, squirrels and birds find homes in trees.

Want to save on grocery bills? Plant a cherry tree, plum tree, pear, apple or lemon tree.  Did you know that an apple tree can provide about 15 bushels of apples?  You can sell fruit to make a little extra money, or provide a way for your children to create their own income.

Planting walnut trees and be a way of investing for your future. By the time they mature you can get hundreds for just the trunk. Walnut is used for furniture and craft.

Trees heal and bring people together

Ever gaze out the window at trees to take a break from work or something that requires a lot of mental focus? It actually helps with your concentration when you take breaks to view nature. Students with ADHD who have nature available to them do better than students who don’t.

Tree planting events in our cities and neighborhoods create a sense of community and creates a better quality of life.

Trees increase privacy and property values
Evergreen trees never lose their leaves and create a great barrier between your home and your neighbors. They also help block noise making your property seem even more private than it is.

Trees cover up dirty, graffiti filled walls in our cities.  They create a more appealing and enticing place to stop and spend time.  Business districts that have trees and nice landscaping attract more customers which means more money in their pocket.  Property values increase in our business districts as well as our neighborhoods. Realtors often talk about curb appeal.  Can’t have that without incorporating trees into your yard. Don’t you feel more at ease and enticed by a neighborhood filled with trees and beautiful scenery?  Plant a tree or two and block your home from over crowded streets and freeways,  enjoy your home, your property and an increase in your home values.

So next time you are considering removing a tree, remember all that they add to our lives.